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The Hathaway School is presently providing educational programs for students in preschool through kindergarten as well as offering extensive after school, summer and school vacation programs for children in grades K-6. We offer full and part time preschool-kindergarten programs servicing children 2.9 to 5 years of age. Our preschool and kindergarten programs are nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children ( NAEYC). The programs are designed for each child to develop all the necessary skills and understandings to succeed and thrive academically. We also provide before and after school programs as well as a summer program for K-6 school age children. Transportation packages are also available. The Department of Early Education and Care (ECC) is the state agency that oversees all licensed child care in Massachusetts and has reviewed, inspected and licensed the Hathaway School for sixty preschool and sixty after school age children.

Our preschool classrooms are carefully planned environments where focus is placed on the process of learning. Each child is encouraged to create, explore, problem solve and investigate through hands-on learning experiences. Each classroom provides various developmentally appropriate learning centers including; math and manipulatives, reading, writing, sensory science exploration, dramatic play, creative art, cooking and a block construction area. Children have the opportunity to participate in large and small group activities in addition to individual guided play and discovery. Each child’s opportunity to participate in developmentally appropriate activities results in success leading to the growth of self-confidence.

The Hathaway School is a pet friendly environment. We have a variety of animals within the school such as dogs, fish, birds and hamsters etc. Please be advised of this environment particularly if your child has allergies.

Our curriculum is standards based. This means, in part, that we utilize the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Curriculum Frameworks as a benchmark in developing our curriculum as well as the Early Education and Care benchmarks for development. Our curriculum always meets but generally exceeds these standards upon completion of a program. Our students are strongly prepared to confidently meet the challenges when place in any school environment. We believe in setting high standards for all our students. All children love to learn. It is our goal to find the way to individually address their needs so that going to school is a fun and rewarding experience. High standards are not just for the academic arena. We also encourage and provide students the opportunities to develop a sense of pride in themselves, in their school and within their family and community environments. We believe that this provides the individual child the best possible opportunity to meet with success in our increasingly more globalized world.

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